7 Valuable Tips for Collectors Who Buy Signed Jerseys

7 Valuable Tips for Collectors Who Buy Signed Jerseys

Sports is one of the few things people love, regardless of where they live. Sports can unite people in basketball, soccer, or boxing. Like any other hobby, sports use specific equipment that's sometimes turned into memorabilia, especially if a famous player signs it. One perfect example of this is jerseys.

Jerseys are the most common form of memorabilia because players have signed, worn, or given them away, increasing their value over time. Vintage jerseys have shown to be popular pieces of memorabilia, but the value of signed jerseys is the main focus. Some professional players have even auctioned off signed jerseys for charity, which goes up to the thousands. However, it's not a straightforward process because it's not like going to the store and picking up something. For this reason, we've listed some tips to help you when buying signed jerseys. These include:

#1 - Limit Your Search

Most fans have a favourite team or player for which they'd like to buy a jersey. However, you must limit your search when looking for cheap signed jerseys. Because there are many jerseys to choose from, factors like the size and preferred player may restrict your search. In this case, you should have specific requirements when looking for signatures.

#2 - Use Information from Third-Party Authentication Companies

Many companies provide a signed jersey authentication service. Some of the most prominent third-party authentication companies include the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) and James Spence Authentication (JSA). Both companies are noted as leaders in the sports memorabilia authentication business. These two companies authenticate and provide a numbered guarantee that a piece of memorabilia is exactly what it says it is. Their collector-approved documentation guarantees that the signature is original, not a reprint and that the jersey is authentic. You will also receive a letter of authenticity (LOA) to ensure everything is in order.

#3 - Hold the Jersey up to the Light

If you're buying a signed jersey, the excellent idea is to hold the jersey up to the light and see if the signatures are visible. Most authentic jerseys will have a light and dark spot pattern. If the jerseys you're looking at don't all have the same light and dark spot pattern, the jerseys are fake.

#4 - Avoid Pay-to-Play Websites

Since sports memorabilia is one of the most popular collectibles in the world, it's no wonder that many shady pay-to-play websites are claiming you can buy real signed sports jerseys. These websites are often scams that aren't very reliable in getting you exactly what you want. They make their money by offering an item for a low price and then making you pay for the item to be shipped. However, the jersey will be overpriced, and you'll likely never hear from them again.

#5 - Take a Look at the Ink

Most authentic jerseys are signed in sharpie ink, the most common way to authenticate signatures. Sharpie ink is very consistent due to the viscosity, making it very difficult to duplicate each letter. The sharpie ink is also less likely to fade or deteriorate over time. However, some jerseys will have another type of ink, like paint. Authentic jerseys with paint are rare since it's harder to get the correct viscosity and consistency needed to make an authentic jersey.

#6 - Be Wary of Stamped Signatures

Stamped signatures aren't prevalent in the sports memorabilia industry. However, some jerseys have stamped signatures of their favourite player. The problem is that stamped signatures are usually spotted as a fraud since the stamp can be made by a printer, making them very easy to replicate.

#7 - Ask for Proof of Authenticity from the Seller

If you're looking to buy signed jerseys, it's a good idea to ask the seller if they have a certificate of authenticity. Most authenticators will provide you with a certificate of authenticity that can be used as proof. You should walk away if you don't receive one because it's probably fake.


Signed jerseys are highly valuable and sought after because people love to collect them. As such, you shouldn't get too excited because you need to use common sense to find an authentic jersey. It's also wise to avoid buying jerseys from questionable websites since they're likely scams.

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