Getting to Know the Greatest of All Time- Michael Jordan

Getting to Know the Greatest of All Time- Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, who entered the NBA in 1984, was an unstoppable shooting guard. After becoming a champion multiple times over, he became a pop culture icon whose name and likeness were everywhere, convincing millions of kids to be just like him. His legend still looms large, even almost two decades later, with many calling him the greatest of all time.

Get to know the GOAT with this list of interesting trivia about him.
  1. He Has a Degree in Cultural Geography

Jordan left the University of North Carolina a year early to pursue his pro career, but by 1986, he still received his degree. So what exactly did he do at the university?

In an interview at his basketball camp, Jordan explained that he majored in cultural geography, which was essentially his gateway to meteorology. If dunking over seven-footers hadn't worked out as a career choice, his backup plan was to become a weatherman.

  1. His Father Was a Huge Influence on His Baseball Career

Jordan's decision to leave basketball for a minor league baseball career was surprising, but the idea sprang to life years earlier. In fact, James Jordan had suggested that his son could play both basketball and baseball.

This idea had stuck with Michael. When his father was killed in a carjacking incident in July 1993, Michael picked up a glove in honour of his father. While Michael had struggled in the one and only baseball, some thought he could have made the big leagues, despite not playing the game for a long time.

  1. He Almost Passed on Nike

Jordan had been working with Nike for years before his career with the Bulls. He had initially intended to wear the Adidas brand when he entered the NBA, and he was also approached by Spot-Bilt, which offered a far smaller amount.

However, with the help of his parents, Jordan signed with Nike in the end, accepting an unprecedented offer of 500,000 USD ( per year for five years. He was allowed to craft his own signature sneakers, released in May 1985 as the Air Jordans. By the end of the year, these shoes had generated more than 100,000,000 USD in revenue.

  1. He Loves Golf

Jordan's passion for golf officially began in the summer of 1984, when he and a group of golfers, including future PGA player Davis Love III went to a course together. This was his first time on a course. He had not only never been on a course before, but he had never had much formal training as a golfer at all. However, he managed to par a hole that day.

An eagerness to get better led Jordan to practice in his downtime while he was playing with the Bulls in Chicago, a schedule that necessitated plenty of time spent inside to make up for lost time spent on the court. His quest for perfection led him to develop new relationships with course owners, who would allow him access to any course he wanted at any time. He even has his own golf course now!


There's a lot more to the GOAT than meets the eye. From first learning to play the game to his many championships and moments where he proved why he's the best to ever do it, his was a career that took him from North Carolina to the hardwood, to baseball, to a retirement that has kept his name and face in the spotlight for decades.

After all, you can't be great at something without a lot of practice, right?

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