Obscure Facts About Kobe Bryant to Know You Should About

Obscure Facts About Kobe Bryant to Know You Should About

There are many different things to know about Kobe Bryant and what makes him so special. His story is one that many can relate to, from being the son of an NBA player who would eventually play one of the most important roles in Kobe's basketball career. His obsession with greatness and his desire to be the best has led to his many accolades and honours. Not only has he been an incredible success on the court, but he has also been an inspiration on and off the hardwood.

Today, as people continue to miss the legend and honour his legacy, find out some interesting things about him that people today didn't know.

He Could Speak Italian

Kobe Bryant was a very well-rounded athlete, and he had a great interest in other cultures. He was well versed in many languages, but his Italian stood out. Bryant spent a few summers in Italy with his parents and took the opportunity to learn the language. He would use the language when he visited the country over the years, and it was a great way to connect with the people in the country. It is also a great example of the many different talents that he had.

He was Named After a Steak

Kobe Bryant was named after the Japanese steak that his mother, Pam, had eaten in her previous pregnancy. She made the connection between the meal and her son's name. Despite not being a true Japanese name, she went with it anyway, and it stuck. Kobe, looking for a name that resonated with him, thought the name was perfect because it represented the highest quality. It is a name he has often spoken of as having a profound impact on him.

He Appeared on 'Sesame Street'

Bryant has done a lot of volunteer work over the course of his career. He has been an inspiration for many people in the community, and he has often used his position to offer help to those who need it. He featured in a segment of Sesame Street called 'Kobe's Memorable Game', where he tried to help a young puppet understand the concept of practising and practising. The puppet was struggling and couldn't grasp the idea, but eventually, he was able to get it.

He was the First Guard to Be Drafted Straight out of High School

It is no longer possible to be drafted straight out of high school, but that wasn't always the case. The league is a bit older than many think, and the rule was only three years old when Bryant was drafted. This was a landmark moment for the sport and would change how players were seen and looked at forever. That was the case for Bryant, one of the most highly rated high schoolers of all time. He was taken straight out of high school and never looked back.

The Bottom Line

Kobe Bryant was and continues to be one of the most respected and highly regarded athletes on the planet. He was beloved by his fans, who, although they were disappointed to lose him, all remember and still admire him today.

Many poetic tributes have been written about him, and the community continues to remember him for how he played the game. His farewell game was a day to remember, and the love he left the court with was something many will never forget.

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