Valuable Tips to Keep and Preserve Your Sports Memorabilia

Valuable Tips to Keep and Preserve Your Sports Memorabilia

For many sports fans, collecting memorabilia is the ultimate expression of their devotion and admiration for their favourite team or athlete. Baseball cards, basketball jerseys, and even soccer memorabilia are just some of the items that collectors value.

The value of collectibles might increase or decrease depending on how it was handled and displayed. When one or more items in a collection have some sort of personal significance for the collector, it makes the task of preserving those items a meaningful endeavour.

Here are some tips from us on how to keep your sports memorabilia in perfect condition to enjoy them for years and even pass them down to future generations.

1. Use Case for Protection

The first and most important thing you can do to ensure your collection is preserved and kept in good condition is to store your items in a proper case or display box.

A display case is designed to protect your collectibles from dust, fading, and general wear and tear. In addition to preserving the condition of your items, display cases also make your collection look nice and organized.

In fact, a showcase is the best way for your collection to be shown off to its full potential. Display boxes are also a smart design choice because they can be used to store your items when they aren’t in use.

2. Keep Your Items in a Temperature-Regulated Environment

Temperature is one of the main enemies of preserving the quality of your collection. For this reason, many collectors will choose to display their collection in a climate-controlled area.

If you decide to keep your collection in a non-controlled environment, try to make adjustments in your environment to compensate for high or low temperatures. High temperatures can damage paper, while low temperatures can cause brittle memorabilia to crack.

3. Avoid Exposing Autograph Books to Direct Sunlight

Some collectors choose to include autograph books in their display. These are books filled with athletes' signatures, where people can sign and leave a message or well-wishing.

If you keep these items in your collection, try to choose a special place for them in your collection. Never display them in direct sunlight, as this can cause the ink in the signatures to fade.

4. Frame Jerseys

It can be hard to put these big shirts behind glass to keep them safe. With acid-free materials and acrylic glazing that blocks UV rays, museum-style frame kits make it easy to put things on display.

Look for frames with a backing that doesn't have acid, a strong archival hanger, and UV-protective acrylic or glass. Put your framed textile somewhere where it won't get direct light, heat, or moisture.

5. Reduce the Handling of Your Sports Memorabilia

One of the best ways to preserve your sports memorabilia collection is to reduce the amount of handling of the items. The more you handle your sports memorabilia, the more likely you will damage the item.

This includes everything from improper storage to pulling things out of the display to look closely at them. Only handle items when necessary and as minimally as possible.


Collecting sports memorabilia can be a fun and rewarding hobby. As a collector, it is your responsibility to care for your collection. We hope that this article provides you with some helpful tips for keeping your sports memorabilia in good shape.

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