Ariana Grande - Tribute Frame

Ariana Grande - Tribute Frame

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Tribute Frames

This beautifully designed Ariana Grande tribute frame is the perfect addition to any music lover's home. The matte black finished wood frame and the high quality print make this piece a beautiful and unique way to show your fandom for the iconic singer. This framed poster also will  Ariana Grande memorabilia. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to Ariana Grande, this framed poster is the collection to add to your merch.

Own a piece of history with Superstars Collection's Tribute Frames. Whilst our frames are made with top quality Australian-sourced materials these frames are a affordable way to start your very OWN memorabilia collection


Each Tribute Frame contains:

  • Tribute Imagery of the selected star
  • Clearly labelled name of star at the bottom of each collage
  • Glass / Framers Acrylic (depending on shipping location)
  • Size: 2 Sizes Available
  • Rigid String attached to back (ready to hang on wall) 
  • Framers Backing Sealed
  • Black Matting surrounding all imagery

All of our Tribute Frames come FRAMED - Ready To Hang



Don't see what you like? Ask our friendly team for a custom tribute frame.

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